Theology in Africa – A Reflection

The guide is about Christian theology in Africa even nevertheless the author are unable to presume a initially-hand know-how of the Church in all its styles and kinds in every African country. Dickson realistically observes that no critical study of Christian theology in Africa can with any justification dismiss impartial […]

A Math Worksheet To Inspire Results

It is remarkable the variation in effort you will get from worksheet to worksheet. Granted the total of energy may perhaps fluctuate immensely from year to calendar year dependent on the group of pupils you have. However for the most component, when a worksheet is required to aid drill down […]

How to protect your domain name


A domain name can be one of the most valuable assets of a company. Of course, even if you have used your domain name for years or simply bought it, you still need to make sure that you protect it – so that you do not lose it through spying, […]