Change Management With The Help Of An LMS

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5 Tips To Prepare Your Employees For Change Management

Employees may already know that there’s a merger up ahead or that new managers are joining the ranks, even before you make things official. The word usually spreads quickly in the modern workplace thanks to social media and good old-fashioned gossip. However, major change brings major obstacles. The key is to maintain transparency and empower staff members, as well as to let them know that their roles are still vital (and secure), even if they’re in a different capacity. Here’s how a workforce development LMS fits into your change management strategy.

1. Host Live Meet-And-Greets To Break The Ice

Reading about new policies or procedures in the company newsletter is one thing, but meeting new team leaders takes it to the next level. Live events give you the power to provide an informal introduction so employees can ask questions and get to know their managers. In the case of mergers, live sessions help trainees acclimate to new brand messaging and provide some background info. For example, the event explains how their job responsibilities might change to align with the new company’s image. If your workforce development LMS doesn’t have live video features, you might consider standalone web conferencing software or look for a replacement that delivers the total package.

2. Launch An Online Support Library

Create a JIT library for team members who may be apprehensive about change management training. They can use podcasts, video demos, and other easily consumable resources to familiarize themselves with new tasks. You can even feature bite-sized bios of new managers and supervisors for quick reference, as well as policy knowledge refreshers that mitigate compliance risks and keep employees updated on regulatory changes. Get employee feedback to see which resources they need and how to incorporate them into your repository. For instance, employee training surveys reveal that staffers require task tutorials to improve on-the-job performance. Otherwise, they’ll struggle with new processes and lose their self-confidence, which leads to a whole new set of problems in the workplace.

3. Adapt Courses To Highlight New Policies And Protocols

Employee training templates allow you to quickly update existing course content to reflect new changes in your company’s infrastructure or policies. For example, substitute outdated regulations or dress code guidelines. Include interactive simulations and scenarios to facilitate real-world application. Change management training usually requires memorization. Employees must read the manual and absorb as much as they can, which tends to cause cognitive overload. However, interactive content improves knowledge retention because they experience the new policies and protocols. Trainees also learn from mistakes so that they don’t repeat them on the job.

4. Use Infographics To Map Out Organizational Changes

The forgetting curve is an imminent threat in change management training. Employees should be able to pace themselves and digest information on their own. Infographics are a great way to impart the essentials without mentally taxing valued team members. The graphic might contain the top five new policies trainees need to know or seven new managers who’ll join your organization next month thanks to rapid expansion. Every workforce development LMS infographic covers a different topic or task to prep employees for the transition. You can even see things from their perspective and explore trainee concerns or reservations. As an example, outline the top four ways the new policies will improve their workflow and productivity. They may be apprehensive about the change now, but an infographic can address their concerns head-on.

5. Conduct Surveys And Assessments To Get Employee Feedback

Change management is never one-sided. Your employees need to be involved so that they embrace change instead of feeling slighted. Conduct surveys to get their point of view, as well as assessments to identify current gaps. The data tells you which topics to focus on and how to address areas for improvement in your updated strategy. Social media polls are another cost-effective way to reach out and gather their input, even before you officially merge or hand over the reins to new team leaders. Ask about their concerns or hesitations regarding the change and how you can minimize stress. Let them know that you appreciate their contributions to the organization and want to provide continual support based on their needs. Nobody gets left behind or made to feel redundant or out of place.

Insider Tip To Find The Right Workforce Development LMS

Workforce development should be easily accessible and user-friendly for every member of the team. An online directory can help you find the right software for change management training based on your criteria. Filter results by use case, features, and pricing model to narrow the choices. Then read the reviews to see which platforms exceed your expectations and improve ROI. Also, sign up for free trials to ensure the tool is easy to navigate and free of tech hurdles that cause unnecessary stress. You don’t want the LMS to be another difficult change they must reckon with.


Fear of the unknown doesn’t just apply to major life events. Employees are also afraid of what change might mean for their place in the organization, as well as how it will impact their day-to-day duties. However, a workforce development LMS can help you prepare them for anything that comes their way and wade into new waters. Above all else, let them know about their part in the transition process; that their opinions count, and you value their input. Top performers are more likely to stick around if they play a vital role in your L&D program, regardless of who owns the company or leads the team.

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