College Scholarship Offers For Single, Married Mothers

Cortez Deacetis

College education plays a vital role in our lives and those who are unfortunate not to experience the joy of this miss an important chapter in their lives. The federal government and various other organizations and institutions realizes that the struggling lives of single moms is owing to their lack of college education and hence for this purpose have been initiated various college scholarships for single mothers.

It is important to note here that in the busy lives of a single mom which includes her work life and her family life and the main part of taking care of her kids alone, it is hard for a single mother to even think about education. Hence, many of these scholarships offer online education program which is a significant aspect of these grants. The online education part of the programs instills the mothers to start studying again since they can continue their studies at their convenience and in the comfort of their homes.

There are different scholarship programs started by the government and other organizations, a few of them have been mentioned below in brief:

1) Federal grants – The federal government under the current administration have realized the importance of college education and is promoting several scholarships and grants for this purpose. In the academic year 2010-2011, $30 billion has been set aside for federal grants and almost $17 billion only for Pell grants. The other federal grants which are available are FSEOG, ACG, TEACH grant and National SMART Grant. The federal grants have to be applied through the online application center called the FAFSA.

2) Raise the Nation – This is an important organization working towards the development of single mothers and very much dedicated towards this purpose. They have organized to provide the required funds for the educational purposes of single mothers and are also providing assistance to help them to repay their loans.

3) eLearners – This organization is playing a pivotal role by providing online college scholarships for single mothers. eLearners plans to invest an amount of $5 million while providing 285 scholarships to mothers.

4) Ford Opportunity Program – This program provides grants to undergraduate single moms who are studying at the Oregon College.

6) The Fleming Associates Young Parent Program – This scholarship goes out to single mothers especially from the low-income class, who strive hard to acquire education to improve their lives.

Single mothers require an extra support to balance their lives and move ahead. College scholarships for single mothers aim at this same goal so as to provide that spark to the life of the single mothers.

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