Critical Chinking: Does The Education System Turn People Into Narcissists?

Cortez Deacetis

In the past, there were only a small percentage of people who went to university and only a few subjects were taught. Nowadays, it is often a case of who hasn’t been and numerous subjects are now taught at these institutions.

One way of looking at this would be to say that it is a good thing as more people now have the opportunity to take part in higher education. What have also played a part in this are the loans that are available.

The Ideal Preparation

So, when someone is able to spend a few years at university, it will give them the tools that they need to make it in life. While they are there, they are likely to find that they are all kinds of resources at their finger tips.

There will be lecturers who will know all kinds of things, an endless amount of books and they will have the chance to form connections with people that could last a lifetime. In addition to this, they will be able to learn something that will allow them to make a living once their time there comes to an end.

A Different Outcome

At the same time, this might not be the case if they end up with a degree that is not very marketable. Now, this may have been something that they found interesting, but it might not be of interest to a lot of people.

If one didn’t think about this right at the beginning, they could end up experiencing a fair amount of anger and frustration. They may even go into victim mode and end up blaming other people for a choice that they themselves made.

A Grey Area

Going to university is then by no means a guarantee that someone will be able to step into a job once they leave. If they chose to enrol in a degree that interested employers or could be used to start up a business, it would be different.

One would then have two things in mind when they enrolled; to do something that they would enjoy and to do something that would actually allow them to earn a living. It may have been more enjoyable for them to study something else, but it wouldn’t have served them in the long run.

Smooth Transition

If they did do something that would allow them to earn a living, their time at university could soon be followed by full time employment. It might take them a while to readjust to the ‘real world’ but it should happen soon enough.

It will probably take a little while longer if someone studied something that wasn’t very marketable. Still, they could always do a bit of travelling in the meantime or look into doing a short course on something else.

A Challenging Time

Then again, regardless of what someone studied while they were in higher education and what they end up doing now that that stage of their life has come to an end, it could be incredibly difficult for them to adapt. What this could basically show is that they were comfortable there and were rarely challenged.

For example, perhaps this was a university where people practically had to walk on eggshells to avoid offending others. It would then have been normal for one to only be exposed to things that didn’t offend them.

The Centre of the Universe

Through spending a number of years in an environment like this, along with that took place before they even got there, it would have meant that they were protected from reality. Indirectly, they would have been conditioned to believe that they could define what they are exposed to.

It is then not that they are just another human being on the planet and have to put up with things they don’t like; no, they are so important that they can decide what another person can or can’t do or say. This will then have been a time when their ego was strengthened, with them developing a false sense of importance in the process.

A New Purpose

Ergo, instead of being prepared for the real world during their time in higher education, the complete opposite will have taken place. It might then be more accurate to describe it as lower education as they would have regressed, not progressed.

This should have been somewhere they were exposed to different views, to be able to grow and develop. After all, a big part of education is to teach people how to think, not what to think.

Two Extremes

When they were studying, then, it would have been as though they were in one world and, now that they have left, it will be as though they are in another. One world would have treated them as though they were the centre of the universe, the other will treat them as though they are just another human being.

It is then not going to be a surprise for them to struggle in the real world; a world where their feelings are generally not going to be seen as being important. Along with this, they are also going to struggle if they want other people to use a special pronoun.


The education system is supposed to expand people’s minds and to prepare them for the real world, not to treat them like toddlers. Yet, as people’s feelings are often seen as more important than the truth, it shows how far so many of these institutions have fallen.

If someone can’t handle their emotions and they are not willing to be exposed to different views, the last place they should be is at university. In many ways, this is the equivalent of ice being put in an oven, it just doesn’t belong there.

One also has to wonder if there is a hidden agenda here, with the establishment wanting to get as many people as they can into these places to dumb society down. But, as it is being done in so-called higher education, this ends up going unnoticed.

The outcome is that so many people end up being completely indoctrinated by the system, only to see themselves as being informed or “woke”. These people are then not only going to be unaware of the fact that that their mind has been hijacked, they are also going to be knee-deep in debt – the perfect slaves.

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