Learn Spanish Program – Rocket Spanish Or Learning Spanish Like Crazy

If you live anywhere in America today you need to learn Spanish. Now I know this sound like a bold statement. After all there are many Americans who can’t speak a lick of Spanish to save their lives, except for maybe the famous “gracias” and “por favor”.

Our world keeps changing rapidly. The U.S. Census as of July 1 2006 estimated the then current Hispanic population as being 44.3 million and estimates that by the year 2050 that number will be over 102.6 million. Why is this important you might ask?

Good question. Lets assume for a second that you’re a business professional or a business owner or a consummate traveler, you ability to speak and understand Spanish in a conversational manner is vital. Keep in mind these stats are only for the U.S and does not include all of South America, Central America and Spanish speaking Caribbean islands.

It’s imperative that you immediately begin mastering Spanish today and while at it have your children learn this important language also.

OK so you now realize how important it is to learn Spanish especially if you live in North America but how do you go about this daunting task? The answer is as simple as logging on to the web and let your mouse be your guide.

Learning Spanish is as simple as downloading a course to your desktop in digital media form. This is the simplest and most efficient way of learning not just Spanish but any other language for that matter. The cost associated with this method of learning is also a mere fraction of what it would cost you to learn via a traditional school course.

So your next questions of course is well what programs are available for leaning Spanish online and exactly what will this cost me? Do these methods really work? Well let’s take a look shall we?

The most popular alternatives are:

Rocket Spanish.

Now while Rocket Spanish has a complete hard copy course that can be shipped directly to you at home, we are focusing on the download version. By the way you are not getting anything less by using the download version. The download version cost a mere $99.95. That’s right, for the cost of a dinner for two you will be mastering Spanish in as little as two weeks.

Rocket Spanish excels at teaching you to speak fluent conversational Spanish. This is Spanish the way it’s spoken by Latin Americans in their day to day world. Their training method takes advantage of all your senses and allows for an exciting and fun filled course work. They even incorporate an audio and video gaming system that allows you to quickly and easily master thousands of Spanish words each day.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

This is another great digital download program. Learning Spanish Like Crazy takes you through the step by step process of learning Spanish from the beginners to the advance levels of speaking Spanish fluently.

Basically there are 32 lessons that are easy to understand and master as you proceed from level to level. This process is really easy, fun and fast and the course work was developed by real college educated Latin Americans. You will be learning Spanish the way it’s spoken all over North, Central and South America including the Spanish speaking Caribbean islands. This is important because this will allow you to learn the proper pronunciations and accent that’s needed to be properly understood.

Now Learning Spanish Like Crazy does not have the depth of Rocket Spanish. For example it does not come with the interactive audio/visual gaming platform. However it’s still an awesome course that stands on its own merits. There’s also a great forum that you can visit and ask questions of the professors if needed. By the way the cost is only $97.

These two programs are top two that I recommend for Learning Spanish immediately.

There are both easy to download and come at a reasonable price and will allow you to speak like Latin Americans in as little as 2 weeks. You might even consider both if your budget allows. This would allow you to immerse yourself totally in the process of learning Spanish today. But you would do just fine choosing just one to start.

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