Meeting the Moment: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources for Leading in a Time of Disinformation

Cortez Deacetis

I have attached the agenda for the approaching Education and learning Deans for Justice and Fairness (EDJE) meeting. Below is a link to the EDJE organization. It is an honor to sit on the EDJE Steering Committee and in this potential I invite you to be a part of this vital function. Remember to mark your calendars today!

Meeting the Moment: Worries, Methods, and Sources for Main in a Time of Disinformation 

Schooling Deans for Justice & Equity 

Virtual Convention

Thursday, January 13, 2022 

Website link:

Orientation of New Members                                                                      1:00-1:30 EST

Facilitator: Deanna Sands

Orientation to the EDJE Framework                                                          1:30-2:00 EST

Facilitator: Rene Antrop-Gonzalez

Common Session I: 

Conference the Minute: Difficulties, Techniques and Resources for 

Foremost in a Time of Disinformation                                                               2:00-3:15  EST

Facilitator:  Julian Vasquez Heilig


Asm. Cristina Garcia, California (invited)

Rep Diego Bernal, Texas (invited)

Hon. Georgina Perez, Texas (invited)

Sen Gerald Neal, Kentucky (invited)

Rep Tina Bojanowski, Kentucky (invited)

Desk Talk                                                                                                      3:15-3:45  EST

Conscious Minutes                                                                                            3:45-4:00  EST

Facilitators: Caroline Hopenwasser and Chris Whitaker/SUNY at New Paltz 

Investigate Directors Meeting                                                                        4:00-5:00 EST

Facilitator: Kathy Schultz

Friday, January 14, 2022 


Normal Session 2: 

More powerful Together: Partnering for Equity & Justice in Universities                     1:00-2:15 EST

Facilitator: Denise Taliaferro Baszile


Tiffany Kyser and Kathleen King Thorius, Wonderful Lakes Equity Center

Lynn Gangone, American Association for the Colleges of Trainer Education  

Jesse Turner, United to Help you save Our Educational institutions

Desk Talk                                                                                                      2:15 -2:45 EST

New music Break                                                                                                   2:45-3:00 EST

Typical Session 3: 

So What, Now What? Toward Mindful Community Action                                                 3:00-4:30 EST 

Facilitators: Darius Prier and Julian Vasquez Heilig

See you soon!

There is substantially extra work to do, and no question, there will be more worries ahead, but I am confident that we will refuse to allow adversity to quit us from urgent ahead and creating an unmistakable and lasting impression.

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