Mom Language Working day of Bangladesh

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It presents me immense enjoyment to put pen to paper a little something about our mom tongue as it is acknowledged as Intercontinental Mom language Working day on 21st February in every single year via out the complete world and it is sanctified by titivating flowers and holding in the greatest regard the memories of these language martyrs who had laid down their lives for the lead to of setting up the dignity of our fortitude as a country by elevating our heads like other nations virtually. The 21st February is a crimson-letter day in the background of our mom tongue. It is a pretty major working day in perspective of superior judgment that we have been capable to build our mother tongue as our state language. It is our glory and inspiration that we have accomplished liberty from the motion of this working day. We consider that we could not attain our flexibility if 21st February was not emergent in 1952. Because of to the movement of this day, we have revealed our agitation from the rulers of the then Pakistan and even the folks irrespective of castes and creed took element in the movement obtaining been affected by the gallant touchwood of Bengali nationalism. The word ‘nationalism’ will come down from the heritage, lifestyle and tradition of a particular state which suggests uniformity in regard of a single faith that is the language conventionally uttered from a kid which is his actual identity. Nationalism is this sort of which vividly provides an acquaintance in the feeling in what language he expresses his manner of his specific wish as to what he desires or what he would like to do. So our heritage is expressed as a token of excellent acquaintance as Bengali Language with which we survive on complete faith of livelihood and as this sort of each and every elegiac affect is concerned in attaining the recognition of this working day in the planet. We can feel our individual perception that we are established equally in respect of expressing our possess custom, lifestyle and faith which is bedded on our soil, grass, vegetation, creeper and our dwelling position. We are unable to assume even for a minute that a boy is treated a lot more or fewer as a terrorist or miscreant or he is excommunicated at an immature phase. If we shed our faith in our have nationalism, we need to be accountable to establish him or her who can give his identity as a Bengali country. To discuss the real truth, the 21st February, as a image of blaze illumination is our rectitude for which our survival as Bengali country has been reflected via out the whole world.

In this day some youthful people of our country have bequeathed to generate resistance versus the conspiracy of our mother tongue. They have intensified the movement by degrees and becoming polemical, the then rulers have invaded them and in the end they had shot them useless. This is such a motion in which our heroes have laid down their life for the trigger of elevated deportment of our mom tongue. In the full environment, these types of unprecedented movement has never ever been taken location. Like each and every 12 months, this yr has carried out this working day with owing somber mood and prominence. We rejoice this working day with honour in accordance to the heritage of the place. This day is blended with our Independence Working day as if it is mixed with our blood. The heroes who have laid down their lives for the cause of our equality, liberty and national status of our country shall stay ever unforgettable to us.

Ours is a the very least formulated place and we are passing by means of a great perturbation from terrorism, bribing, and dishonesty and embracing a induce of procedures of misleading the folks. We want all the finishes of such mischievous action from the social life. We need to memorize the fantastic sacrifice of the martyrs who experienced saved our mother tongue by dedicating their lives. Consequent upon this, we achieved the 21st February as an ‘International Mother Tongue Day’ in 1999. This is a terrific accomplishment in the globe to present our ideal regards to our Bengali Language. It is a uncommon illustration in the history of mankind. In addition, the dignity of our mom tongue is deserving of acquiring the greatest honour as the poet in this language has been awarded ‘Nobel Prize’ and even in many European and American nations around the world this sort of language is taught and a specified part of the folks in the environment this language of their individual accord. Many fantastic men have been born in this gorgeous land which is the greatest contribution of the planet. There is a wonderful background in the track record of our mom language and this is highlighted by means of struggle in the history and for this reason our mom tongue has been blended as if in our sensitivity and essence as a result of thick and slender.

In great, if we would like to preserve the status of Bengali nation, we need to have to fork out fantastic eulogy praise to the martyrs. They had laid down their life for the restoration of democracy and flexibility of economics. Their activities are undoubtedly of heroic deeds. If we devote ourselves for the result in of equality and liberty of our place, their departed souls will be peaceful and effulgence. In each and every calendar year, we rejoice this day by displaying homage to them and shower the bouquets to the ‘Shaheed Minar’ in buy to solemnize their memory and achievements contributed to the dignity of our mom tongue. If we glance all around the environment, we will uncover that our language has occupied a specific place with its own popular vision and cosmopolitan outlook. A significant quantity of overseas guides are becoming translated in this language and our training and culture are being enriched each time. We should really bear in intellect that from the language motion of 21st February, our motion of independence has been accelerated and in 1969, the verdict of the peoples correct have been established that the folks of this country have an understanding of the indicating of real patriotism for which due to unprecedented agitation against the erstwhile Pakistani rulers, they took part in freedom combat and gained victoriously and in this way by 9th months active battle, our state came into currently being as Bangladesh in the map of the environment. The nationalism which the folks have recognized was concealed in the mainstream of language movement of 21st February which was our only a impressive group-puller for which a background has been designed possessing encountered with the delivery of our region as a absolutely free nation pretty much.

In check out of the earlier mentioned, it is clear that the beginning of our country has been mirrored as a result of the movement of 21st February which was a extensive way fantastic work bedded on active protest in opposition to the tyrants. These kinds of movements require to be learnt by rote and we really should vigorously feed the kitty, in the edifice of our individual distinctiveness as a courageous country in the earth where by there will be no corruption, terrorism, breech of belief and anarchism. If not, our hopes and aspiration will be nipped in the bud and these types of sick ethnicity of polluted surroundings will be ongoing from era to era and century to century for which a balanced conscience like an ogle of the stunning solar simply cannot forgive us.

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