Stewie Griffin Depicts the Winter of Spengler’s Discontent

Oswald Spengler predicted a protracted winter season in The Drop of The West. Spengler wasn’t on your own in his depiction of a distopian culture where by fashion reigns above utility, luck is dominant, paperwork squelches progress and the prosperous have a agency maintain on the reigns of an incipient international tradition. Spengler was one particular of the very first to be taken very seriously.

Stewie’s Guide to Planet DOMINATION [sic] is a ray of sunshine for a wintertime day of our drop. In Spengler’s seasonal taxonomy of decrease, winter season is the final phase. Spengler writes that a single cue of a society in winter season is an significantly authoritative authorities. In an authoritarian authorities, plainly stating your notion is not a fiscally sustainable possibility.

“…if I had been to confess to realizing that the full enterprise is a sham, then that delightful stream of chilly, tricky money that appears beneath my pillow subsequent the reduction of a tooth receives abruptly lower off, will not it?”
–Stewie Griffin
Transcribed by Steve Callaghan

Spengler separates culture from civilization. Indeed, the two are intertwined, but tradition demonstrates the individuals whilst civilization reflects the aspirations of world domination, requiring progressively authoritarian leaders who stand for energy rather than remaining effective on their have. A tradition of war masks itself in fashion and subverts schooling into specialised tutorial philosophy with noticeable discrepancies from reality.

Stewie phone calls out that the foundation of American education and learning, the a few Rs does not symbolize a few Rs: Examining, Writing and aRithmetic. Stewie indicates that we could be greater served by the acronym W.A.R.

“There is certainly no nation that likes ‘W.A.R. far more than our individual…blame the Boss Hoggs of the entire world who received the entire business off on the erroneous foot with this ‘thre Rs’ nonsense.”
–Stewie Griffin

Spengler predicted a focus on lavish sport enjoyment as the last cues of the closing of society and the domination of civilization, where operate looses which means for the affluent as athletics will become the substitute for indicating in one’s life. Stewie deftly reveals equally of these cues at as soon as as he discusses a regular civilization place of work.

“you are rotting your mind…locate yourself acquiring to alternately inquire and then remedy the terribly probing and provocative concern, ‘Did you have a nice weekend?’ forty-seven diverse times. And let us experience it: Irrespective of the simple fact that most of the replies need to fall along the traces of, ‘Well, I invested most of Saturday and Sunday making an attempt to ignore the loveless marriage and spoiled brats I have surrounded myself with whilst currently being tranquilized by the narcotic of back again-to-back again-to-again NFL football in order to keep myself from pondering the extremely genuine possibility that I may well be homosexual.'”
–Stewie Griffin

Stewie is a ray of light, warming our winter day. Spengler retains that wintertime is devoid of symbolic artwork. In a civilization’s winter artwork is changed by a meaningless vogue dialogue. Stewie staves off the meaninglessness of our encroaching civilization by disseminating symbolic art about our civilization in Stewie’s Manual to Entire world DOMINATION, Helped into print by Steve Callaghan Perennial Currents, 2006.

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