What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

posted on Oct 19, 2022 Information Hey Teachers! Have you heard of LearnStorm? Wondering what LearnStorm is? LearnStorm is a classroom tool that brings together growth–mindset pursuits and lesson-aligned apply to travel mastery of core academic expertise, inspire school rooms, and build students’ self confidence. LearnStorm is the world’s only […]

Why You Must Never Limit Difficult Students

In this article at SCM we have very long lamented tactics that limit the freedoms of challenging students. —Which consist of: Forever relocating their desk nearest the teacher. Not enabling them to get the job done with specified students. Limiting their actions, actions, or entry afforded other college students. Now, […]

Students achieve better-than-projected gains in math when they use the personalized learning tool MAP Accelerator for 30 minutes per week

Cortez Deacetis

As lecturers and college students stream into classrooms for the start of the new college calendar year, we’re heartened to share the outcomes of new analysis. When students used MAP Accelerator, our individualized math instrument jointly formulated with NWEA, for at least 30 minutes a 7 days, they reached far […]