Who Needs Dedicated Hosting and Why?

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Why Do You Need Dedicated Hosting? | SeiMaxim

If you are looking for a website hosting plan that can handle an increase in web traffic and offers remarkable security features, You should consider opting for Dedicated Server hosting. 

With so many hosting solutions available on the market, you might have wondered if you need a dedicated server to host your growing website. As your site grows, it is essential that your hosting plan can cope with this growth seamlessly. This is where dedicated hosting comes into play. 

Continue reading to learn why and who needs dedicated server hosting.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated hosting uses a physical server dedicated to a single user or organisation to host websites and applications. By hosting your website on a dedicated server, you get server space and resources that are fully dedicated to your website and are not shared by other users.

Additionally, you get complete control over your server, which allows you to enhance it to fit the unique and specific requirements of your website. With this level of control, you can enhance the security and performance of your website or application. 

Who Needs Dedicated Server Hosting?

If any of the points below resonate with your requirements for a hosting solution, it is probably a sign that you need dedicated server hosting.

  • Medium and large-scale companies that deal with huge volumes of data regularly. If your business consists of databases, a large volume of transactions per hour, and a huge supply/inventory chain infrastructure, it is probably a sign that you need dedicated server hosting.
  • If you are a website hosting provider or organisation that hosts different high-profile client’s websites, you need a dedicated server. 

By getting a dedicated server you can eliminate the need to manage several hosting accounts with multiple hosting providers. This means that with a dedicated server, you can manage all your client’s websites in one place.

  • IT businesses, system administrators, and web developers require a dedicated server to customise their server environment and use resources to run web applications like custom software, content management systems, API-driven application eCommerce websites, and software-as-a-service.

What are the Key Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting?

  • Robust Security

Since the entire server is dedicated to your website, there is no security risk for other nearby websites getting compromised. 

Additionally, dedicated server hosting allows you to install and modify security like, firewalls, data encryption, and more to meet the security requirements of your website.

  • Dedicated Hardware

With dedicated hosting, you get hardware dedicated to your website. This means that you do not have to share hosting resources with other websites. 

Additionally, you have root access to your server which you can use to customise the server to meet the requirements of your website. 

All these factors can enhance the performance of your website.

  • Storage Space

Dedicated servers offer a huge volume of storage space to support applications and websites. 

Additionally, the primary and secondary hard drives have a huge storage capacity that is enough for a complete backup of data or files. 

This ensures that the valuable data of your business never gets lost. 

  • Scalability

When your website grows and the website traffic increases, it is essential that your website can handle this growth. A Dedicated server’s advantages include scalability. 

This means that you can easily add and deploy more hosting resources to meet the growing needs of your website. This lowers the risk of website downtime due to high traffic. 

To Wrap It Up

There are several other benefits of a dedicated server, like- 24/7 on-site support by the hosting provider, a dedicated IP address, reliability, flexibility, and more. With the right dedicated server, you can run your website securely and smoothly.

However dedicated servers are a significant investment as they are expensive. Therefore make sure the requirements of your website align with the features that a dedicated server provides.

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