Why Do Wise People today Have Additional Zinc and Copper in Their Hair?

Cortez Deacetis

It is a generally acknowledged point that people of substantial intelligence have superior concentrations of Zine and Copper in their hair. The question is why? Why do very intelligent or very intelligent people have far more Zinc and Copper in their hair follicles? Some say that clever folks retain a lot more zinc and copper and that makes it possible for their brains to make connections speedier or permit electrical transfers of nerves, neurons and mind waves.

Do smart people today have different metabolisms or do they eat a lot more meat and specific greens and consequently have more to discharge? Or system out individuals points, which do not help cognition. Just one researcher had viewed as that possibly they have extra weighty metals in their hair and nicely, it acts like an antenna and consequently they can pick up other mind waves much better or bring in additional electromagnetic energy from the air, hence their minds operate at bigger or more rogue waves for each use?

Myself, perfectly I much too have puzzled about all this and came up with this concept partly looking at this details on zink and copper:


If a pilot, soldier or racecar driver set copper and zinc in their helmet would that aid make them smarter or is it from the physique discharging the large metals simply from the body that can make the brain do the job improved. If so, if you minimized you zinc and copper in your blood via filtration, could you raise cognition? Are some blood varieties, which filter much better triggering this? Thus selected blood varieties are the lead to of a lot more intelligence and not necessarily the zinc or copper its self? Feel on this in 2006.

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