Create Your Own STAR WARS Animations using Google Slides

Are you looking to do something pretty wild with your students this year?

In this presentation from the 2022 ISTE Conference, I share with you my favorite way to engage students in digital learning by showing you how to use Google Slides to transform your classroom into a film school.

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How Do Google Slide Animations Work?

Just like a traditional flipbook, you can use Google Slides to position transparent images on a common background and over the course of several slides, move them into various positions as the slide deck moves forward.  You can see from this video how easy it is to copy and paste a single image across an entire presentation.

When you get to the second and third characters in your story, you then copy and paste the image rather than creating a brand new slide.

Creative Ways of using Google Slides with your Students

How to use Google Slide Animations in your Classroom

One of the best ways to bring this type of lesson into your classroom is to introduce it at the end of the week. I personally recommend doing this type of activity on a Friday after lunch so your students are supercharged to go home and spend the weekend creating something extraordinary.  On Monday or Tuesday of the following week, you can then do a film festival for them to showcase their work.  This is not just a great way to have your students test out their digital learning skills, but also puts the learning of the application in their hands.

Once your students have a firm grasp on Google Slides features such as drag, drop, flip, grouping, transparency, and recoloring, you can then introduce the concept into a curricular project.

Can you bring Google Slides Animations into your Curriculum?

Over the last several years of showing this skill off, I have been able to help teachers of all grade levels and subject areas blend this activity with their curriculum.

Examples of Google Slide Animation Activities include:

  • Cell Division
    • Start with one cell and ask the students to divide it over the course of several slides.
  • Exploration and Westward Expansion
    • Give out a Google Slides template with a map in the background and ask your students to have the characters on the slide advance showing the path that their boat or group moved to settle into a new land.
  • Math Flash Cards
    • On the first slide, type a number … on the next slide put a + … on the next slide put another number … use the flipbook to run multiplication tables or simple math problems for younger students.

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To download all of my templates and presentations, please visit:

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