Friday Fish Pics – Jonathan Harber & Sons – Eduwonk

Cortez Deacetis

“Least influential of education’s most influential information sources.”

Education Week Research Center

“full of very lively short items and is always on top of the news…He gets extra points for skewering my high school rating system”

Jay Mathews, The Washington Post

“a daily dose of information from the education policy world, blended with a shot of attitude and a dash of humor”

Education Week

“unexpectedly entertaining”…”tackle[s] a potentially mindfogging subject with cutting clarity… they’re reading those mushy, brain-numbing education stories so you don’t have to!”

Mickey Kaus

“a very smart blog… this is the site to read”

Ryan Lizza

“everyone who’s anyone reads Eduwonk”

Richard Colvin

“designed to cut through the fog and direct specialists and non-specialists alike to the center of the liveliest and most politically relevant debates on the future of our schools”

The New Dem Daily

“peppered with smart and witty comments on the education news of the day”

Education Gadfly

“don’t hate Eduwonk cuz it’s so good”

Alexander Russo, This Week In Education

“the morning’s first stop for education bomb-throwers everywhere”

Mike Antonucci, Intercepts

“…the big dog on the ed policy blog-ck…”

Michele McLaughlin

“I check Eduwonk several times a day, especially since I cut back on caffeine”

Joe Williams

“…one of the few bloggers who isn’t completely nuts”

Mike Petrilli, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

“I have just three ‘go to’ websites: The Texas Legislature, Texas Longhorn sports, and Eduwonk”

Sandy Kress

“penetrating analysis in a lively style on a wide range of issues”

Walt Gardner


Education Week’s Alyson Klein


Susan Ohanian

Smart List: 60 People Shaping the Future of K-12 Education

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