Giving The Ideal First Impression as a New Actor 

3 Tips to Help Young Actors Make a Great First Impression in the Audition  Room

Being a part of the film industry has never been an easy task. With more people opting for careers in the entertainment sector, finding the perfect acting job has been more challenging than ever before. 

No matter how many acting classes you have taken in the past or if you were born with natural talent, the entertainment industry will be filled with so many challenges and surprises that you might have not expected. Often, many young actors can find that overwhelming and end up giving in to the pressure. But that is not true for all child actors. 

Consider Robert Harris, an accomplished American actor in the entertainment industry who started out his professional career as a child actor. Before being scouted, he would sing and perform in the church, entertaining people and using his diverse talents to attract the attention of many agencies who wanted to reach out to him. 

Eventually, Harris decided to take the first steps into his professional career when he secured a promising recording deal. Over the years, he started to appear in many baby commercials and was also working as a voice-actor for Disney and made an appearance in “The Sandlot” – all of which allowed him to become the recipient of a number of awards for his acting abilities. 

And as someone who has spent decades in the industry, he states that first impressions are crucial for first time actors who have nothing to their name yet. As long as they convince a director that they are the ones who are perfect for their film, they will immediately be recruited and based on good performance, might even be willing to work with them again. 

So if you are an anxious new young actor who wants to make it big in the industry, here are a few ways to help you nail your first impression on the film industry. 

Be Cautious of Your Physical Appearance 

Being an actor means that you always need to be aware of your facial expressions, even if you think nobody is looking. Most people tend to not enjoy the company of young actors with grumpy, angry, or disapproving faces. According to many veteran actors, start adapting your face to suit the role that you want. Also, stand up straight, smile, and do not crowd the person you are meeting – allow them to appeal to you naturally. 

Do Not Hide Your Hands 

This might seem strange to many people but hiding your hands away can actually create a bad impression of you. Young actors get nervous easily and tend to hide their hands alot – but you must be very aware of this habit and do not put your hands out of sight. Plus, putting your hands away or crossed over your chest gives a defensive feeling from your side. But with your hands relaxed at the side of your body, it will suggest that your greeting is genuine and that you are open to the people in front of you – leading directors to be more willing to listen and see what you have to offer as a young aspiring actor. 

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