How to Choose a Good Credential Evaluation Service Provider?


Whether you are looking to immigrate to the US or enter the country for academic pursuits, it is essential that you get your educational credentials evaluated. In fact, in some cases, this may even be a requirement for employment, immigration, or professional certification in the country.

You might be surprised to know that the credential evaluation service provider field is flooded with a plethora of companies. However, not all of them provide dependable and quality services. For this reason, finding a reliable one that meets all of your needs is an essential yet challenging task. 

Luckily, this guide has simplified it for you. We will highlight the most important factors and characteristics to consider when choosing a credential evaluation service. 

How to Choose a Credential Evaluation Service?

If you plan to continue your academic or professional pursuits in the United States, you must get your education credentials evaluated. But finding a reliable service provider that will deliver quality and timely results can take time and effort.

Here are some of the factors you must consider and the questions you should ask a service provider to determine if it is the right one for you:

Affiliation With or Member of an Organization

One of the most important things you must check to see if the service provider is legitimate, reliable, and dependable is to see their affiliations with organizations. This will also tell you the quality of the work they will provide. 

However, some universities have their own credit evaluation departments, so they may not accept evaluations from other organizations. You should thus check with your prospective university first to see what kind of credit evaluation reports they accept and if they have highlighted what affiliated organizations they prefer as well.

What Kind of Customer Service do They Provide

When it comes to credential evaluation, excellent communication and customer service are vital. They should be readily available to respond to any of your queries or questions. Not to mention, they have to be easy to reach via numerous communication channels and have a well-trained staff that can provide you with the necessary guidance.  

Average Time Taken to Provide Reports

This is an essential piece of information to extract from a credential evaluation service because you don’t want to wait for months for your report. Hence, consider checking their website for this information or directly asking them about it. Typically, it takes one to four weeks to generate a credential evaluation report.

In addition, you should also ask them if they keep the reports in their record and how long they keep them. Find out if they will also provide you with copies in case you need them in the future.

The Format of Reports and Documents They Provide

Depending on the course, certification, or job you are trying to obtain, you may need a specific kind of format for your evaluation report. For example, a nurse’s CES may be an entirely different format from the CES that a regular immigrant may need to provide. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you check with the company to see if they will provide you with the necessary format and kind of document for the intended purpose. 

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction Rate

The safest option is to choose a reliable credit evaluation service, such as one that has been operating for several years and has accumulated positive customer reviews. A high satisfaction rate may also reflect their excellent and dependable service.

Before choosing a service provider, check their website for reviews. Besides this, you should also check for reviews on other forums and platforms. 

If They Accept a Change of Requests 

It’s common for individuals to request a change of format or document once they have placed an order. This typically happens if they previously needed to check the educational requirements for a university or visa. 

You should thus find out if the company is receptive to such requests and would be willing to accept them. Doing this beforehand will prevent any issues from arising in the future. 

If They Provide Reasonable Rates 

When you check multiple websites for their rates, you will get an idea of how much credit evaluation would cost you. Don’t take a chance with a company charging you lower than the market rate, as that may reflect their inexpertise. Similarly, you should not opt for a service provider that is too overpriced. 

Instead, consider one that is charging around the standard rate and fits your budget.

Get The Most Reliable Credential Evaluation Service with ERES!

Choosing a credential evaluation service requires intensive research to determine which would be the most reliable and suitable for your needs. Considering the aforementioned factors, you can find the ideal one.

Education Records Evaluation Service (ERES) helps non-US-educated individuals receive the equivalency they need to transform their education into future opportunities.

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