New training for master teachers: The Keystone Videos Workshop

Cortez Deacetis

03.15.22New instruction for grasp academics: The Keystone Films Workshop

Cooking up something for hungry veterans!

We’re experimenting with a new sort of movie-finding out here at TLAC.  Keystone Videos—new in TLAC 3.0–are extended video clips (most are about 10 minutes extensive) meant to clearly show a for a longer period arc of a teacher’s lesson exactly where they use multiple tactics in mix. They are not just for a longer period but additional complex and nuanced.

Our staff developed these keystones to help instructors in seeing additional of the large photo of when and why to use unique techniques. They usually present how tactics are adapted and combined and what the lifestyle and ethos of remarkable classrooms glance like.

We hope keystones complement our regular video clips, which have a tendency to be edited quite tightly so that the technique itself is uncomplicated for novices to see and include into their individual observe.  As an additional bonus we consider these keystone video clip provide an fantastic progress opportunity for grasp teachers—richer video clip, we believe, will produce richer discussion on a a lot more complicated variety of subject areas.

Considering that there is so significantly to be acquired about how finest to leverage the strengths of these keystones – we’re opening up the TLAC test kitchen—see picture…that’s us tricky at work—to those who want to analyze these for a longer time extra elaborate videos with us to grow their know-how. Be sure to be part of us on March 22nd and March 29th as we open up the conversation and invite you to help us find out and increase our technique to researching this new training software.




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