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Past week I blogged about our Year 8 assessments. I established out the principles we adhere to when we write our Critical Phase 3 assessments, and I shared examples of the inquiries that challenged our best attaining college students. 

Modern submit is about 12 months 9. My school’s Yr 9 cohort has a quite large assortment of maths attainment, which was more exacerbated by the lockdowns in Yr 7 and 8. One notable attribute of this calendar year group is how very superior the significant attaining pupils are. The top set teacher finds it really hard get the job done to adequately obstacle them in classes. So when I created the conclude of yr evaluation, I experienced to ensure there ended up plenty of inquiries in there to make them assume. I do not want any individual coming out of a maths evaluation bragging that they uncovered it really quick.

In this article are some of the a lot more demanding inquiries from our close of Yr 9 evaluation.


At a concert the ratio of males to gals is 5 : 3.

The ratio of ladies to small children is 7 : 4.

Exhibit that more than half of the people at the concert are adult males.

This was a center-of-the-paper concern. It is really not massively complicated – I taught set 4 out of 5 and a couple of them managed to get whole marks on it. But I wished to contain it below for the reason that it truly is a great dilemma requiring a bit of reasoning. It was originally from an AQA specimen GCSE paper.

A much more hard ratio dilemma was this just one from Edexcel, which also examined a further Year 9 matter: modifying the subject matter.

The ratio (y + x) : (y – x) is equivalent to k : 1.

Locate a components for y in phrases of k and x.

Surface area Location

Area spot is a excellent subject mainly because it presents several alternatives for difficulty fixing and reasoning. For example, this classic problem may have been pretty clear-cut for a significant attainer, but I like the way it’s also accessible to any individual who does a little bit of imagining. I was delighted that a handful of college students in my class worked this out. We set it in our non-calculator paper so it also analyzed their arithmetic.

The full surface area of a dice is 294cm2.

Perform out the volume of the cube.

A a little bit far more hard question was this a person from Edexcel. It does not have any especially difficult reasoning in it, but has obtained a several steps to do the job as a result of, which includes device conversion which may possibly be skipped. I like concerns exactly where learners have to discover that they will need to work with floor spot somewhat than volume.

The most hard floor space question I provided was this a single from AQA. Very couple students could do this, even our greatest attainers. We will revisit questions like this in Year 10.


I like this coal concern from WJEC. In 12 months 9 we train bounds and mistake intervals for the very first time. We introduce some essential bounds calculations, but go into increased depth on this at GCSE. This concern equipped beautifully. Even so, I imagined our learners would uncover it easier than they did. I had it near the start out of the paper, but most the students in my course only picked up a person mark on it. My students are all working at a Grade 4 degree nevertheless. Our increased attaining college students experienced no trouble with this 1.


We taught Venn Diagrams to Year 9 this 12 months. There were being some rather uncomplicated Venn diagram questions nearer the commence of our close of year evaluation, the place pupils basically just experienced to finish different Venn Diagrams. But for problem I wished to check understanding of notation as well as chance, so I adapted an OCR AS level query. Only our really very best mathematicians answered this accurately.

Algebraic Proportion

Algebraic proportion can be amazingly procedural. As very long as pupils browse the query carefully, after they know how to do it, it is almost a certain 5 marks. So I involved a non-calculator proportion dilemma that was a little bit various to issues they’d witnessed prior to. What I liked about this was the accessibility: no just one from my class bought all the marks, but they did take care of to pick up one particular or two.

Right-Angled Trigonometry
This concern was my pièce de résistance. I figured that if our super clever Year 9s breezed by means of all the other challenging thoughts I threw at them, they would certainly have to cease and consider at this issue. This SQA query is created to be solved using the Sine Rule. But our learners never do the Sine Rule until 12 months 10. This dilemma can be completed with correct-angled trigonometry. The way I did it was by splitting the base into x and 350 – x, then forming two equations for the peak and equating them. Even if our students managed to get this far, solving the equation would be rather tough for them since they have not found nearly anything like this right before.

As it transpired, none of our Yr 9s managed to fix it in the way I envisaged
. But a person really good pupil arrived up with a genius (albeit inefficient!) technique of trial and enhancement. I yelped with pleasure when I realised what he’d completed:

It can be these a delight to see students employing resourceful strategies like this.

I also observed some great hard inquiries involving common sort and percentages, but I will quit at this issue otherwise this blog site write-up will go on without end! Like I claimed in my past article, there are numerous areas we can discover fantastic evaluation queries for Key Phase 3. It really is a shame they are not centrally developed any longer – the old KS3 SATs contained excellent questions, but at the very least we can nevertheless draw on people to make our have assessments.

If you have any superior 12 months 9 evaluation issues you would like to share, you should tweet me. 

Thanks for reading through!

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