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Nonetheless, this English obsession is not devoid of purpose. According to a 2013 report, men and women who converse English fluently receive 34 percent far more than individuals who simply cannot. English is crucial in today’s globalized do the job power, but language acquisition should be accumulative, not subtractive. Analysis reveals that large mother tongue proficiency helps make discovering a 2nd language easier and final results in far better academic performance. Somewhat than hinder children’s ability to study English later, it establishes a lifelong linguistic and cultural foundation for them.

As extra people today turn to English, it is our duty to continue to keep our mom tongues alive and teach them to upcoming generations. With them, we pass down our lifestyle, traditions, and history, which escalating cultural homogenization threatens to rob them of. So embrace multilingualism, no matter if that indicates returning to a childhood language or mastering your parents’ indigenous tongue. If we never, who will?

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“Madagascar: The Country”
By Soa Andriamananjara, age 15, Holton Arms Faculty, Bethesda, Md.

To the regular American, “Madagascar is an amusing, animated movie that tells the tale of four New York zoo animals who stumble onto the African island, Madagascar. For all the amusement the film offers, “Madagascar fails to carry awareness to its namesake island. “Madagascar is a Western narrative that pushes the Malagasy jungle versus the West’s cultural hub, New York City, emphasizing the concept that African countries lack civilization and modernity.

The movie’s depiction of the Malagasy people highlights this stereotype the film just does not display any people. The sole signal of humanity is a aircraft wreck in the middle of the island, which plays up the thought that only animals live there, even however Madagascar has a populace of 22 million people.

The West thrives on its stereotypes of Madagascar. While the film created $556 million, Madagascar has a international immediate investment of $359 million. Even though the movie’s actors make hundreds of thousands of pounds, the Malagasy gross domestic products for every capita is 596.35 USD. Though Hollywood thrives, Madagascar is the fourth poorest place in the earth. On top of Madagascar’s very poor overall economy, climate transform also impairs the region. Three years of drought and reduced rainfall exacerbate food items insecurity and remodel the lush island into a sizzling, brown dust bowl. Due to the fact of the famine, 3.5 million Malagasy people today needed assistance from the Entire world Foodstuff Programme. Just a further hurdle to men and women presently struggling.

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