Reverse Brainstorming: A Method to Build Creativity

Cortez Deacetis

Divergent Contemplating

Divergent thinking is how an person can create multiple one of a kind thoughts or remedies. When brainstorming tips and answers, divergent wondering also lets you to locate associations involving principles or procedures that may not essentially be related if evaluating the concepts facet by aspect. Divergent contemplating is regarded as the very first action in a trouble-solving technique, where you are free to take a look at ideas that may perhaps be counter to latest techniques of pondering or performing. It will allow you to develop concepts so that you can commence from a modest position and broaden your imagined course of action to involve several, different remedies.

In just the brainstorming and innovation course of action, usually, you see divergent and convergent pondering packaged with each other. Whereas divergent wondering starts the problem-fixing process and generates many and various ideas, convergent considering then enables you to find connections involving some or several of these suggestions so that you can slender down and concentrate on distinct selections to investigate even further.

Divergent Thinking

Divergent contemplating can be an critical ability for students to observe simply because it lets them to get comfortable with the notion technology procedure. While, specifically in just the classroom, modern society is typically structured so that only a single resolution is deemed “correct” divergent wondering will allow you to explore variations to thoughts and choice perspectives. In addition, it can enable foster curiosity about the world all-around you, and as talked about earlier, it is a single of a lot of factors of creative imagination.



The brainstorming system is a usual case in point of divergent pondering. In brainstorming, a college student generates several ideas, typically to aid a popular concept. You might see brainstorming often in the strategy generation approach just before a resourceful crafting assignment or as a signifies to crank out tips for a challenge-dependent understanding activity, for example. When brainstorming is often discovered within a class curriculum as a pure extension of an exercise, some learners may perhaps however struggle with the process of creating new thoughts from nowhere. In addition, when lots of students might be equipped to build a couple thoughts via the brainstorming course of action, frequently, little ones may well get “stuck” following a limited time and can’t assume of extra imaginative ideas. Fostering brainstorming is a talent that will improve students’ element era procedure within just classroom actions and aid foster an increased propensity for creativity. Brainstorming thoughts to boost creativity can be practiced in various means, but this posting will aim on a principle known as “Reverse Brainstorming” to give you a precise action you can provide to college students to aid assist them in the strategy generation course of action.

Reverse Brainstorming

Reverse brainstorming is a way that requires you to listing what would not get the job done in a provided situation. In reality, this technique is so effective that even the company Pixar® works by using it when writers brainstorm suggestions for approaching movies! When you are trapped relocating ahead with an notion, you can checklist what would NOT transpire upcoming. This can help guidance learners with psychological writer’s block in a classroom context. It can support learners assess a scientific experiment or help learners uncover a chain of possible activities in a historical timeline, among the quite a few other takes advantage of. Reverse brainstorming is handy simply because it allows you to visualize unlikely strategies and alternatives and helps you, in change, find out extra very likely strategies. For instance, take into consideration this easy activity. A single working day, you check with students to exercise generating new and artistic suggestions by listing all the distinctive employs they can think of for a mug. Some students might start out crafting down noticeable solutions, like “drinking espresso .”Other learners might start out recording far more out-of-the-box responses, like “a swimming pool for mini-dolls .”At a particular level, nevertheless, pupils could get caught- they have generated all the strategies they can think of and just can’t press their pondering any additional. Nonetheless, halting at this issue will not aid you obtain your intention of fostering more powerful creative imagination abilities in your pupils. This phase is wherever reverse brainstorming can appear into enjoy. If college students struggle with creating various employs for a mug, you could as a substitute request learners to create strategies for how a mug Can not can be made use of. Perhaps learners brainstorm strategies like “I can not enjoy video online games on a mug” or “I cannot take in a mug .”Listing suggestions for what are unable to come about or cannot be accomplished opens an fully new perspective for examination. As pupils start off to create a new checklist of how a mug can’t be employed, they’ll at the same time start out to create a lot more tips for precise makes use of for a mug. For instance, “I can’t perform video clip game titles on a mug, but I can make a tabletop recreation with a mug and a beanbag that I toss,” or “I just can’t consume a typical mug, but I can create a mug out of cookie dough, bake it, and now I have an edible mug!” Reverse brainstorming can commence with learners listing what can’t be done. Then they can evaluate those strategies to brainstorm further added employs that might have escaped them in the beginning.


When asking your college students to make many suggestions, both as component of an extension action or integrated in a classroom lesson, initially let learners to “struggle” on their own with building as a lot of tips as they can, without the need of assistance. At the time you notice that they are at a stopping level, and can no lengthier generate any ideas, pose a limitation. You can talk to them to now consider about what concepts Will not perform. In a science training course researching parallel and series circuits, you may possibly check with students to reverse brainstorm the next: When offered a uncomplicated circuit, explain what you Are not able to create with it. In a imaginative program, you may well question a college student to crank out strategies for a tale about a sad girl. But you offer your college students with a caveat: the story are not able to take place in the winter season or rain and simply cannot happen in her dwelling. Or, when developing a new art piece, brainstorm suggestions Without employing a paintbrush or canvas. You may possibly even just use this action as a creativeness-developing exercising: Explain what a paperclip Can’t be utilised for. In every single state of affairs, soon after college students have created their “cannot” listing, then talk to them to once more consider how the idea or item can be utilized. This normally opens up additional tips that the learners have not nonetheless thought of. Perhaps the science pupil understands that a common circuit simply cannot be used for looking at a e-book- but this led the pupil to notice he could create a circuit into a nightlight that is used for reading! The artistic crafting college student may possibly commence to believe about how she can develop a tale about a sad girl juxtaposed towards the backdrop of a sunny, content scene. Although the art university student may well have struggled with a exceptional art thought, potentially now, recognizing she can’t use a paintbrush or canvas, she chooses to use string and paint to produce styles onto a t-shirt. The pupil that brainstorms suggestions for a paperclip might uncover that he cannot use a paperclip to create, but this qualified prospects him to take into consideration how he can develop a desktop pen holder out of paperclips.

The reverse brainstorm strategy can typically direct to a lot more resourceful strategies to enable you to pursue a imagined even even more! This uncomplicated approach can be an easy skill to educate learners as a further strategy of assisting to broaden creativeness the two within and outside the house of the classroom.

It is also vital for college students to use these terms in their crafting as properly. To really encourage this, you could provide a phrase financial institution when owning pupils respond to a prompt and make clear they ought to use all the words in the phrase lender accurately in context as they respond. See Determine 1 for an case in point of this up coming. You can present a prompt for students to reply, but have to have college students to find vocabulary from a presented work bank to aid them reinforce their understanding of every word they formerly realized in class. In this instance in determine 1, pupils are taking part in a science course, and the instructor has ready a straightforward prompt utilizing vocabulary text similar to their astronomy lesson. Detect the text decided on for this activity- these phrases, like revolution, could have several meanings dependent on the classroom in which the boy or girl is finding out. These tier 2 words chosen aid fortify student’s comprehension of the English Language while simultaneously encouraging them critique important academic written content they acquired in class.

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