The Infinity Problem

There are many practically incomprehensible scientific ideas we have plenty and a lot of trouble wrapping our heads all over. There are physics ideas like quantum mechanics added / concealed dimensions and relativity theories biological principles like the mind / mind duality, absolutely free will, self-identification, and the character of consciousness there is certainly the mathematical concept of the square roots of unfavorable figures and metaphysical / philosophical issues like why is there one thing instead than absolutely nothing or what just is the nature of truth?

But a person of the most mathematical / physics / theological / philosophical conundrums is the thought of the infinite, or infinity. That is up for discussion this spherical.

All infinities are equivalent, but some are a lot more equal than other folks.

Standard Definitions

*Very little: Nothing at all is outlined right here as the overall absence of all mass and drive particles (i.e. – electrons, photons, etc.). That is nothing.

*Infinity: Infinity implies that no issue how considerably you go (in time or in place), you can often go farther. That’s infinity.

Primary Premises

*No issue can make by itself.

*From absolutely nothing, almost nothing arrives.

*Only from something, somethings comes.

*One thing cannot be made out of nothing at all.

*There are no spatial / temporal boundaries or walls.

*If N, then N+1.

Infinity and Arithmetic

*When it will come to pure arithmetic, we know that there are an infinite selection of detrimental quantities an infinite quantity of optimistic figures an infinite range of even quantities an infinite number of odd quantities an infinite number of values concerning any two consecutive total figures (like amongst 10 and 11). We know about infinity in arithmetic, that, for illustration, Pi has an infinite selection of sites right after the decimal place. We know that there is certainly an infinite range of lines that can be drawn in between any two sites.

But all of that is just pure abstraction with minor if any connection to genuine existence and sensible issues and affiliated functions.

Infinity and Physics

*Time and Area: The standard premise here is that no issue how significantly you go, temporally or spatially, you can go even farther. In other text, if N, then N + 1.

*Issue and Power: The fundamental rule below is the To start with Law of Thermodynamics. Subject / vitality can neither be established nor destroyed. The apparent implication is that consequently subject / energy has infinitely existed.

*Infinity can be both unbounded or bounded. Infinity is unbounded like in the situation where two parallel traces that just lengthen indefinitely without at any time meeting. Infinity can be bounded. For example the Earth is bounded in that it is finite, however you can vacation about it in time and in place an infinite selection of situations.

*And even some scientists who ought to know better loosely toss all over the phrase “infinity” or “infinite” with relatively reckless abandon as in stating or referencing “infinite density” or “infinite temperature.” That is just nonsense.

Infinity and Theology

*Either a deity or deities exist or they do not exist.

*If a deity or deities do without a doubt exist, then they are both everlasting or made by a prior deity or deities.

*If a deity or deities are everlasting, eternal, for good existing – that is equal to infinity.

*If a deity or deities are produced, that of requirement leads to an infinite regress.

*Hence, no issue how you slice and dice, there’s a theological infinity to be dealt with, all the far more so when several theologies assure an eternal afterlife existence.

*On the other hand an eternal afterlife existence would be an everlasting uninteresting hell. Contrary to the Vulcan philosophy of activities acquiring an Infinite Variety in Infinite Mixtures (IDIC), there is in fact only doable a finite range in finite mixtures. So, in an infinite / eternal afterlife, you are going to eventually unlimited repeat what you have by now endlessly and continuously done ahead of. Tedious.

Infinity and Philosophy

*It is even claimed that God (as a illustration of some deity and the supernatural) couldn’t from His infinite earlier get there at “now” to do whichever God wanted to do “now”. Hogwash!

*So, the philosophical / meta-philosophical issue is, if there is an infinite earlier, can you at any time get there at now? It can be all as well uncomplicated.

*The Timeline: In an infinite timeline there are an infinite selection of activities, each individual of which is finite (i.e. – like the event that is you). Here’s a useful analogy. Let us assign just about every exceptional and finite celebration a distinctive range. How many unique figures are out there to be assigned? Well we know from the above that there are an infinite number of distinctive quantities offered which would acquire an infinite sum of time (an infinite timeline) to count off all those infinite number of one of a kind quantities.

*No make a difference in which you are on an infinite selection-line, you can make development, say by counting forward from say 100 (in which you are) to 150 (in which you want to be “now”), or backward for that make any difference from 150 to 100.

*You can get there at any precise function on an infinite timeline just as you can get there at any distinct exceptional quantity in the infinite selection-line. No issue in which you are on an infinite timeline, you can make progress in the direction of “now” by heading say from Saturday to Sunday January to February 2001 to 2002, etcetera.

*One particular added aside, you will not actually have to make progress to get there at “now”, anytime you are you are at the present or the “now”.

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